AMP | Happenings 2019

Sunday, August 4

Tough Girls & Lucid Dreamers X

Readings and Performances by Michael Cunningham, Eileen Myles, Katrina del Mar, Jay Critchley, Monica Falcone, Sarah Greenwood, Billy Hough & Susan Goldberg w/ Sarah Burrill, Karyn Kuhl, Bobby Miller, Sarah Schulman, Genny Slag, Anne Stott, Betsy Todd, Thalia Zedek & others!

6 PM-on

Saturday, August 10

Conversations with Gay Elders: Gene Fedorko - A film by David Weissman

Screening and Discussion


"Conversations With Gay Elders is a series of single-character video documentaries of varying length, focused on older gay men. In addition to creating a repository of passing history, it also functions as a vehicle for facilitating intergenerational dialogue and understanding.

The project and its genesis: I’ve often felt as if AIDS made me a premature elder in my community. This is directly related to the deaths of so many men in the generation just above me—men who would have been my mentors, and whose memory I’ve wanted to preserve. Further, my experience of the epidemic was very much colored by having Holocaust history in my own family, and the awareness that gave me of the cathartic and long-lasting value of sharing painful, inspiring, and complex stories between generations. And thus I began to make historical documentaries.

Conversations With Gay Elders is a documentary storytelling project focused on older gay men—initially those currently in their 70s and older. Emotionally reflective, historically informative interviews will capture histories of men whose gay lives long preceded Stonewall, and also those of the Gay Liberation generation. Inescapably, these men are also survivors of the AIDS era. I focus specifically on gay men (instead of the wider LGBT community) because this is the world that I know best and with which, as a 60-year-old gay man myself, I can engage as a peer rather than as an observer." - David Weissman

David Weissman is an Emmy Award-nominated filmmaker, teacher, film programmer, public speaker, and longtime activist. He is best known as producer of the acclaimed documentaries We Were Here (2011) and The Cockettes (2002). Currently a resident of Portland, Oregon, David spent more than three decades in San Francisco, where he was deeply engaged with the city’s cultural and political life.

Gene Fedorko is a medical professional, caregiver, art collector, curator, activist, sexual outlaw, and cultural flâneur. He is happily well-traveled: a lieutenant in the Army of Love. He lives in New York City, a place he loves.

Fedorko says: “Being gay in those years was lethal. Monolithic systems were in place in our social, familial, cultural, and political institutions that were designed to silence, demonize, annihilate, criminalize, marginalize, destroy us…. Despite these oppressive juggernauts, we formed communities; loved one another; created art, poetry, theater, and music; and gathered our political muster to fight the good fight another day. Asserting one’s sexual identity was not easy. Some of us were exposed to psychiatric systems of conversion, compulsory heterosexual marriage and family structures, discrimination at work and school, and banishment from our families. Some of us broke under the pressure and self-destructed either overtly or passively through alcohol and drugs. A lot of us had fun, embracing our outlaw identities and flipping the bird to the patriarchal society we viewed as absurd.”

Monday, August 19

Serf's Up



OVERVIEW: It’s the stages of modern life, in song! They’re born, they go to school, high school, college. Job, married, house, kids, old. And at the end we eat the rich, or maybe reprogram their singularities so they no longer know what’s real.

STAFF: Mitchel K. Ahern, lyrics and concept; Nick Thorkelson, music and additional lyrics; Demetrius Fuller, Master of Ceremonies, additional music; Larry Plitt, music and additional lyrics; Danny Gessner, producer

PERFORMERS: Sally Nutt, Mitchel K. Ahern, Nick Thorkelson, Demetrius Fuller, Larry Plitt, Danny Gessner

THE BAND: Nick Thorkelson, keys; Larry Plitt, guitar

Mitchel Ahern works in multiple media, including letterpress, performance art, and invented instruments. He prints on fabric and paper at his shop, mitchelka Show Card Press, in Lynn, Massachusetts. He has exhibited and performed at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, 119 Gallery, Atlantic Works Gallery, Galatea, Marblehead Arts, The Middle East, The Rat, the Knitting Factory, Figment, and the Wonder Valley Festival. As a member of Fort Point Theatre Channel he led the band for Inter-Actions, performed in Threw the Keyhole at the AMP Gallery, and he arranged and directed Dahlgren Sunrise, a multimedia performance project based on the sci-fi novel Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany.

Nick Thorkelson is a cartoonist, painter, animator, and musician. He wrote the music and led the band in three Fort Point Theatre Channel productions, Carny Knowledge, The Good Person of Setzuan, and Dreambook. He has sung and played in various bands including Boston’s first reggae band, Jamaica Hylton. His animations include “Où est Fleuri Rose” and “Robotic Interruptions.” Books illustrated, created, or co-created by Nick include The Earth Belongs to the People, The Underhanded History of the USA, The Legal Rights of Union Stewards, Economic Meltdown Funnies and the 2019 graphic biography Herbert Marcuse, Philosopher of Utopia, from City Lights Books.

Danny Gessner is a stage manager, theatre producer, creative writer, social media manager, and occasional treasurer. He was introduced to FPTC while completing a communications internship with The Theater Offensive. An office administrator by day, he is grateful to be working humbly in the background of Boston’s eclectic theatre community. His personal goals are to inspire art and culture from sources that have been previously overlooked. His first FPTC production was "The Ghost Sonata" and he looks forward to working on many future endeavors with this distinguishable group.

Demetrius Fuller is a visual artist, musician, writer, and occasional actor. He currently has a one-man show, entitled “Gaze,” at the Apollinaire Theater Gallery in Chelsea. Three years ago, Demetrius restarted his acting career at the Apollinaire theater, after a 25-year hiatus. He has appeared in four productions there, including “Informed Consent” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Demetrius has also acted in productions by FPTC and T-Squared. Demetrius is now finishing work on a large outdoor mural in Chelsea entitled “Chelsea Right Now,” which will be completed this summer.

Sally Nutt grew up in rural New Jersey, traveled the world courtesy of the U.S. Air Force, currently resides in Massachusetts, and has thrived on theatre in all those places. She’s appeared in FPTC productions of Carny Knowledge, The Good Person of Setzuan, Reel to Reel, Waiting for Gilgamesh, and The Ghost Sonata. Other stage credits include The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Hackmatack Playhouse), The Good Body (Hub Theatre Company), Steel Magnolias (Jean’s Playhouse), Salute to Dorothy Parker (Rogers Street Theatre), and new plays in NYC’s Unfringed Festival, Fresh-Fruit Festival, and Play Lab. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, an actor-in-resident with Boston’s Playwrights’ Platform, and the host of the playwriting group, The Fardels.

Larry Plitt is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He currently sings and plays guitar with the Squeezebox Stompers. Larry is the proud winner of the 2007 Boston Folk Festival Singer/ Songwriter contest. His playing is rooted in the Piedmont and Delta blues styles but is also peppered with Cajun, Zydeco, Celtic and classical influences. As a veteran of the San Fransisco folk rock scene of the early 70's, he played in a number of bands including Camp Granada and the Stephen Fiske Band. In recent years he and Nick Thorkelson have played together frequently in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston, including many memorable nights at the late lamented Internal Matters Restaurant.


"Scream Along with Billy: Never Washed", a documentary by Anne Stott, starring Billy Hough & Susan Goldberg

Screening, (60 min.) + Talk back with Billy & Sue

7 PM

"Scream Along with Billy: Never Washed" is a one hour video documentary about the underground music duo Scream Along with Billy. Conceived as a late night bar band at the Grotta Bar in Provincetown, MA, SAWB has become a staple of the New York City underground music scene with Billy Hough on piano and vocals and Sue Goldberg on bass and eye rolls. Part punk aficionado, part committed nerd, Billy can take a night of SAWB from covers of Patti Smith, Robert Johnson, and Lucinda Williams, to musings on the connection between Siouxsie Sioux and 18th century french philosophers. "Scream Along with Billy: Never Washed" combines interviews with Billy and Sue and live footage from the summer of 2015 performances at the Grotta Bar in Provincetown, MA to tell the story of how this unlikely “valedictory lap” evolved into a downtown New York must see cult favorite.

Anne Stott is the producer/director of "Scream Along with Billy: Never Washed". As an indie rock singer/songwriter and actor herself, Stott has released two full length albums: Pennsylvania (2010) and Love Never Dies (2015). Love Never Dies played on radio stations around the country and peaked at #19 on the Relix Magazine/Jambands radio chart. As an actor, Stott’s most recent appearances were as The Whore in “Nevermore" (Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater, dir Christopher Ostrom) and Jack/Ernest in "The Importance of Being Earnest" (Provincetown Theater, dir David Drake). In 2012, Stott self published Everything is Different All Over Again, a limited edition collection of poems, thoughts, and sketches. Stott also produced and hosted "Word on the Street", a Provincetown TV series featuring interviews and performances with Provincetown’s street musicians. On Donald Trump’s 100th day in the presidency, she released a musical rant and video entitled "Not For Long Motherfucker" which can be viewed on youtube.