AMP | Happenings 2019

Saturday, June 8

Voices of Poetry - Raise the AMP III, presented by Neil Silberblatt

Readings & Performance

5 PM

Readings by Michael Ansara, Lori Desrosiers, Howie Faerstein, Krysten Hill & Heather Treseler.

The music will be provided by pianist/cellist Lisa Gross & accordionist Thomas Leidenfrost.

Suggested donation: $10.

Sunday, June 9

Laurie Essig


4 PM

Laurie Essig is Professor and Director of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies at Middlebury College. She is a sociologist who teaches courses on how power shapes our bodies and our desires Her courses including Sociology of Heterosexuality and White People Her most recent book, “Love, Inc.: Dating Apps, the Big White Wedding, and Chasing the Happily Neverafter,” argues that romance as an ideology became even more powerful in the last few decades even as actual marriage rates declined. Romance promises us a safe and secure future as a private love affair even as our future is more and more precarious. Rather than demanding the necessary political and structural changes today for a secure tomorrow, we are too busy reading romance novels, obsessing over royal weddings, or swiping through our dating apps to pay much attention to the world around us. Essig has written for a variety of publications including the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Conversation, Ms., and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Sunday, August 4

Tough Girls & Lucid Dreamers X

Readings and Performances by Michael Cunningham, Eileen Myles, Katrina del Mar, Monica Falcone, Sarah Greenwood, Billy Hough & Susan Goldberg w/ Sarah Burrill, Karyn Kuhl, Bobby Miller, Pat Place, Runn Shayo, Genny Slag, Betsy Todd, Thalia Zedek & others!

6 PM-on

Saturday, August 10

Conversations with Gay Elders: Gene Fedorko - A film by David Weissman

Screening and Discussion


Gene Fedorko to come.

David Weissman to come.


"Scream Along with Billy: Never Washed", a documentary by Anne Stott, starring Billy Hough & Susan Goldberg

Screening, (60 min.) + Talk back with Billy & Sue

7 PM

"Scream Along with Billy: Never Washed" is a one hour video documentary about the underground music duo Scream Along with Billy. Conceived as a late night bar band at the Grotta Bar in Provincetown, MA, SAWB has become a staple of the New York City underground music scene with Billy Hough on piano and vocals and Sue Goldberg on bass and eye rolls. Part punk aficionado, part committed nerd, Billy can take a night of SAWB from covers of Patti Smith, Robert Johnson, and Lucinda Williams, to musings on the connection between Siouxsie Sioux and 18th century french philosophers. "Scream Along with Billy: Never Washed" combines interviews with Billy and Sue and live footage from the summer of 2015 performances at the Grotta Bar in Provincetown, MA to tell the story of how this unlikely “valedictory lap” evolved into a downtown New York must see cult favorite.

Anne Stott is the producer/director of "Scream Along with Billy: Never Washed". As an indie rock singer/songwriter and actor herself, Stott has released two full length albums: Pennsylvania (2010) and Love Never Dies (2015). Love Never Dies played on radio stations around the country and peaked at #19 on the Relix Magazine/Jambands radio chart. As an actor, Stott’s most recent appearances were as The Whore in “Nevermore" (Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater, dir Christopher Ostrom) and Jack/Ernest in "The Importance of Being Earnest" (Provincetown Theater, dir David Drake). In 2012, Stott self published Everything is Different All Over Again, a limited edition collection of poems, thoughts, and sketches. Stott also produced and hosted "Word on the Street", a Provincetown TV series featuring interviews and performances with Provincetown’s street musicians. On Donald Trump’s 100th day in the presidency, she released a musical rant and video entitled "Not For Long Motherfucker" which can be viewed on youtube.