AMP: Art Market Provincetown

AMP is a live contemporary gallery space dedicated to exhibiting multi-disciplined work by visual, conceptual, performance artists, filmmakers and writers. Exhibitions & Happenings are primarily cutting-edge, and often process-based.

2021 features Diana Ayott, Midge Battelle, Susan Bernstein, Cindy Sherman Bishop, Terry Boutelle, Karen Cappotto, Jamie Casertano, Barbara E. Cohen, Jay Critchley, Phyllis Ewen, Barbara Hadden, M P Landis, Jackie Lipton, David Macke, Zammy Migdal, Bobby Miller, Pasquale Natale, Jicky Schnee, Judith Trepp, Marc Van Cauwenbergh, Suara Welitoff, Forrest Williams, Rick Wrigley & others.

JP Art Market, AMP's independent sister gallery created by artist Patti Hudson has long been an integral contributor to the Boston arts community showing work by emerging and established, local and international artists such as Kristen Dodge, Leslie Hall, Lisa King, Roger Miller, and Patti Smith.

AMP Gallery, 432 Commercial Street, Provincetown MA 02657 | Mail: PO Box 807

Debbie Nadolney, Gallery Director, Curator | 646.298.9258

Open May - December, and always by appointment

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