AMP | 2017 Exhibitions

May 26 - June 8 2017

Jay Critchley | Jackie Lipton | Dorothy Palanza | Jicky Schnee
Jay Critchley: Sand Paintings: People of Colors
Jackie Lipton: Out on a Limb
Dorothy Palanza: Waste Not, Want Not
Jicky Schnee: Camera Obscura

Opening Reception Friday, May 26, 6-9pm | 2017 Season Opening

June 9 - June 21 2017

Bobby Busnach | Jamie Casertano | David Chick | Michael Crossett | David Macke | Pat Place | Jason Rice | Ethan Shoshan & Aeliana Nicole | Charlie Welch
Bobby Busnach: The Repetitive-Ness, The Pop-Ness, The Camp
Jamie Casertano: A Wolf At The Door
David Chick: Angel Youth
Michael Crossett: A New Beat
David Macke: Hitler Black Cigarettes
Pat Place: Street & Sidewalk Markings
Jason Rice: The Reflected City
Ethan Shoshan & Aeliana Nicole: Cheeto Side of Heaven
Charlie Welch: You Can’t Go Home Again

Opening Reception Friday, June 9, 6-9pm.

June 23 - July 13 2017

Larry Collins | Bobby Miller | Chris Berntsen, Xavier Juárez, Colin Roberson | Anne Stott | Christopher Turner
Larry Collins: No Expiration Date
Bobby Miller: Is it Appropriate?
Chris Berntsen, Xavier Juárez, Colin Roberson: Postcards from New Orleans, curated by John d'Addario
Anne Stott: Greatness Was A Woman
Christopher Turner: Progress

Note: Reception Friday, June 30, 6-9pm.

July 14 - July 27 2017

Martin R Anderson | Diane Ayott | Midge Battelle | Bebe Beard | Linda Leslie Brown | Barbara Cohen | Anne Corrsin | Jay Critchley | M P Landis | Steve Novick | Sara Overton | Christopher Pennock | Arlene Shulman
Martin R Anderson: Elevations and Excavations
Diane Ayott: Sweet Spots
Midge Battelle: Pythagorean Dreams
Bebe Beard: Zulu Lima - Message Received But Not Understood
Linda Leslie Brown: Wall Holes
Barbara Cohen: NYC Dumpsters & Venetian Slings, Deconstructed
Anne Corrsin: Reverie of Angles
Jay Critchley: The Whiteness House - Tarred and Feathered (A Proposal)
M P Landis: Flowers
Steve Novick: A Means of Persisting
Sara Overton: New Works
Christopher Pennock: Cape Codpiece
Arlene Shulman: Life Goes On

Opening Reception Friday, July 14, 6-9pm.

July 28 - August 10 2017

Barbara Hadden | Deborah Martin | Rick Wrigley | Susan Lyman
Barbara Hadden: Unthought Known
Deborah Martin: Portraits of Autism
Susan Lyman: Sculpture in the Unmaking
Rick Wrigley: Sculpture 5

Opening Reception Friday, July 28, 6-9pm.

August 11 - August 24 2017

Karen Cappotto | Pasquale Natale | Judith Trepp | Susan Bernstein
Karen Cappotto: Meadowville, Poetry of Place
Pasquale Natale: Missing
Judith Trepp: Undertow
Susan Bernstein: Jerry Can, In Honor of the Water Carriers

Opening Reception Friday, August 11, 6-9pm.

August 25 - September 7 2017

Richard Dorff | Megan Hinton | Forrest Williams | Rick Wrigley
Richard Dorff: The Other Side, Keyhole
Megan Hinton: Gathering
Forrest Williams: Ghosts
Rick Wrigley: Sculptures 3 and 4

Opening Reception Friday, August 25, 6-9pm.

September 8 - September 20 2017

Susan Bee | Joseph Bongiovanni | Mary Deangelis | Katrina del Mar | Rose deSmith Greenman | Mimi Gross | CJ Mazzalupo | Jade McGleughlin | Deb Mell | Christopher Tanner
Susan Bee: Dark Matter
Joseph Bongiovanni: Provincetown's Beloved Library Cupola: Disassemblage in D Minor
Mary Deangelis: Portraits
Katrina del Mar: Black Velvet, Paintings and Drawings
Rose deSmith Greenman: Garden Gates, Rose Bouquets, and Birds that Flew Away
Mimi Gross: Travel
CJ Mazzalupo: The Theory of Everything
Jade McGleughlin: Something Over There, Inside of Us
Deb Mell: Mounds
Christopher Tanner: A Flower is a Lovesome Thing

Opening Reception Friday, September 8, 6-9pm.

SEPTEMBER 22 – October 15

"the form is stone, the dress is rain" - May Swenson | curated by Rafael Sánchez
Kathleen White | Robert Appleton | Dietmar Busse | Jorge Clar | Elisabeth Kley | Hapi Phace | Rafael Sánchez | Gail Thacker | Conrad Ventur

Opening Reception Friday, September 22, 6-9pm. | Performances and Readings TBD.

October 20 - December 31 2017


Opening Reception Friday, October 20, 6-9pm